Matthews and Leigh Civil Engineering recognise their workforce as a major influence in achieving competitiveness and in 2014 invested in a Training Department to help workers achieve the skills and compliance needs of the industry.

The team provided a valuable service to the business and it was felt that the industry as a whole could benefit. Matthews and Leigh Training was formed in 2015 to help other construction companies and workers to achieve and maintain the high standards of skills and compliance required by industry.

Matthews and Leigh Training boast a high level of expertise concerning construction skills, compliance and training and are committed to providing impartial help and advice, high quality training, assessment and management services to the industry.

A recently renovated training centre provides a comfortable environment for delivery of accredited courses and qualifications:

  • Easy reach from motorway network and transport links
  • On-site parking
  • High quality classrooms
  • Various practical training areas
  • Wi-Fi
  • Canteen facilities

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